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The library is here to support two types of reading:  Reading for a curricular purpose, and reading for pleasure. We constantly work to develop our collection so that it supports different kinds of learners, and changing curricular needs. We also keep our collection up to date to meet the evolving interests of our middle school readers. 
Along with print books our collection also includes eBooks and Audiobooks, and directions for accessing these digital resources can be found in the PMS Virtual Library Course in Schoology.
We also encourage students to make suggestions of books they would like to see in our collection by going to the overview page and filling out the Book Suggestion form.
We have a variety of ways for kids to find books:  genre stickers on the spine label of each book, genre racks, and book talks. Kids come to the library with their teachers about once a quarter. Teachers often choose a particular genre/theme and we surround the kids with titles in that genre. We talk about titles we have enjoyed, and students also book talk titles they want to recommend as well. This way, we hope, everyone finds something to read before they leave the library.
We have a variety of ways for kids to find books in the digital environment as well. Our Book Review Blog, video book talks, resource lists, and schoology posts.
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