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Piedmont Middle School library.

Welcome to the Piedmont Middle School Library!


  • Library books may be borrowed for three weeks.
  • Students may borrow as many books as they can manage but are not allowed to check out if they have overdues.
  • Food and drink are to be enjoyed outside (including water).
  • Cell phones should remain in your backpack.
  • No gum.
  • Chromebooks can be used with permission.


  • Library hours are posted below.
  • Students may use the library during brunch, lunch, between periods independently, and may visit during class with their teacher's permission.
Library Staff   510-594-2670
Jennifer Gulassa Teacher Librarian 50%
Carolyn White Teacher Librarian 50%
Joy Nieman Library Tech.

Library Hours

Monday    8:35AM to 3:30PM
Tuesday    8:35AM to 3:15PM
Wednesday    8:35AM to 2:45PM
Thursday    8:35AM to 3:15PM
Friday    8:35AM to 2:45PM
Saturday    Closed
Sunday    Closed

Latest Book Reviews

  • Myanmar
  • Rohingya Muslims
  • brothers and sisters
  • coming of age
  • family problems
  • poverty
  • refugees
  • surfing